Dutch Elementary Level 2

Common European Framework (from level A1 to A2)

by Integrated Language Solutions

What do you do if you need a doctor? How can you buy a train or bus ticket? What are the opening hours for shops and what kinds of schools can people attend in the Netherlands? These everyday subjects are dealt with in the Green Book, the textbook for beginners.

The Green Book contains 43 texts. These texts include the 1200 most common words in the Dutch language, the words that you will therefore need to use most often. Lessons are chiefly devoted to conversation practice. This means that within a very short space of time you will be able to converse reasonably well in the Dutch language. The objective is to simultaneously develop listening and speaking skills.

Elementary 2 (from level A1 to A2)


CEF from A1 to A2.

Study workload

Around 8 hours a week.


“Nederlands voor Buitenlanders”, tekstboek (het Groene Boek), 4th edition 2009.
This method is also online available.

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