Polish Intermediate Course - Level 2(Group)

CEF from B1 to B2






English (US)

Course Details

Students need to be able to communicate in everyday situations with confidence, provide information, understand the main points of clear texts in standard language and cope with most of the situations that might arise on a trip to areas where the language is used. They must be familiar with Polish verb conjugation types, verb tenses and noun cases.

The course is suitable for anyone with intermediate knowledge of Polish, who would like to:

  • -refresh previously gained knowledge of Polish language and build up the vocabulary
  • -improve their knowledge of Polish grammar
  • -follow casual conversations and simple formal conversation providing information, making suggestions and expressing their opinion with confidence and eloquence

CEF from B1 to B2


10 weeks course, 1.5 hrs a week

Study materials:
The leading books for the course are handed out to the students as PDFs. We also use the learning website and various exercises prepared by us presented via Learning Apps.


Patrycja holds an MA in Polish Language and Literature and have been trained in Jagiellonian University School of Polish Language and Culture to teach Polish as a foreign and second language. She started her career as a tutor at Jagiellonian University and now she has been conducting Polish lessons in London working both with private and business clients. Her passion for teaching and languages help her easily connect with people and find a suitable approach. She always tries to make the process of learning as interesting and effective as it is possible.


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