Turkish Beginners Course - Level 2(Group)

Prerequisites: CEFR A1






English (US)

Course Details

Course Duration: 20 weeks

90 minutes a week

Please note that students are expected to spend approximately two additional hours per week during the course on homework outside of class hours.

Total course hours: 30 hours

Course Details

The course introduces students to the following functions.



Prerequisites: CEFR A1


Yedi İklim Türkçe Seti A2

İstanbul Yabancılar İçin Türkçe Kitabı A2

The handouts and worksheets will be provided for each session from the above books and other additional resources.

Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Explaining a routine and being in a conversation in the past, present and future

Chapter 2 :   Practising the case suffixes: locative (-Da), ablative (-Dan), dative (-A) etc..

Chapter 3 :   Talking about past events using the past tense –mIş.

Chapter 4 :   Practising two past tenses (-mIş and –DI) and using the structures –DIktAn sonra

Chapter 5 :   Being in a dialogue with a doctor, explaining complaints and symptoms.

Chapter 6 :   Conjunctions: çünkü, bu sebeple, bu nedenle.

Chapter 7 :   Learning the structure of hem…hem (as well as), ne…ne (neither…nor),etc..

Chapter 8 :   Talking about future plans using verbal nouns. Learning –mAk, -mA, -Iş.

Chapter 9 :   Talking about holidays. Understanding an advert about a holiday resort.

Chapter 10 :   Using verbal adverbs –Ip, -Up, -mAdAn.

Chapter 11 :   Learning vocabulary about summer and winter clothes. Using verbal adverbs –mAyIp

Chapter 12 :   Shopping for food and clothes. Using appropriate phrases and asking questions.

Chapter 13 :   Talking about your ability using the –Abilmek suffix etc..

Chapter 14 :   Talking about talents or making dialogues using positive and negative forms.

Chapter 15 :   Learning vocabulary about electronic devices, appliances etc..

Chapter 16 :   Learning vocabulary in relation to animals and plants.

Chapter 17 :   Learning vocabulary which describes your mood and character.

Chapter 18 :   Inviting friends to an event using the structures learnt so far.

Chapter 19 :   Practising structures learnt so far.

Chapter 20 :   Revision.


Kübra was born and grew up in Istanbul, Turkey and obtained her undergraduate degree in Turkish Language and Literature from the University of Sakarya in 2009. She finished her masters degree at the University of Istanbul, and completed her PhD on “Aspect Categorisation of the Travel Book of Evliya Çelebi” at the same university in 2018. Her studies include Ottoman Turkish, Old Anatolian Turkish and Linguistics. She also received a diploma from SOAS University of London in English Language and Academic Studies.

She started her career as a research assistant at the University of Kultur in İstanbul and worked there between 2010 and 2013. She participated in training programmes for Turkish language teachers in Turkey and received a certificate of teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language which was issued by Ankara University and Yunus Emre Institute. In 2014, after obtaining this certificate, she started to work at Yunus Emre Institute, London as a Turkish language teacher and education coordinator. She joined the University of Cambridge Language Centre as a visiting Turkish language teacher in 2017. She has also been working on the cataloguing project of the Turkic collection at Cambridge University Library. She still currently works in these Institutions as a Turkish teacher.


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